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TEL: 886-4-2207-8888




  • Wide Transmission Range

  • Low Cost

  • Compact Size

  • Wireless Tag Programming

  • Transmission Interval Programmable

  • Digital RSSI/LQI Data Providing

  • Low Battery Warning

  • LED Visual Indication

  • Call Button Capabilities:
      - Emergency Reporting
      - Signal Transmission
      - ON/OFF Tag

  • FCC Certification, CE Certification

Product Details


Communication         2.45 GHz Support read and write

Channel               316

RSSI                  0-255

LQI                   0-255

Programmable          Set Parameters

Transmission Range    Up to 90m

LED                   Two-color LED visual indication

Call button           YES

Battery type          3V CR2032 x 1

Housing               Splash resistant case

Dimensions            42W x 30H x 10D (mm)

Weight                9.1g

Warranty              One year limited warranty